Where to Begin?

I’ve been asking myself where to begin. I’ve been wanting to start this blog for over a year, but as I was getting ready to graduate (and a horrible procrastinator) I put it off. Then I put it off more. Despite having a deep love for reading and writing I found the endeavor daunting. Taking the first step and actually writing up an entry post seemed the best option.

As I mentioned earlier I am a horrible procrastinator, and for most of my life was kind of a terrible student. It wasn’t that I disliked school, I was just prone to staring off into space, and reading when I shouldn’t have. But I was passionate about reading. It’s a passion that started with Girls to the Rescue books and Harry Potter (of course), and led me down the path to an English degree.

I need to thank the person who put me on this path, Mrs. Bott. While there are many teachers I will thank eventually, she’s for a couple of reasons. Mrs. Bott taught my eighth grade class when we  read To Kill a Mockingbird, and I realized how much bigger books could be; they contained platitudes I couldn’t imagine before. It was like discovering a secret message.

Despite my less than stellar performance as a student, Mrs. Bott suggested I take honors English in high school. I was surprised (and had serious doubts regarding my abilities) because I remember spending a lot of time gazing at the books displayed next to my desk and trying to figure out what the obscured covers would look like when I could finally get up and reveal them.

But Mrs. Bott put me on the path and so this first post is a thank you to her.

Thank you Mrs. Bott for giving me more than just a love for reading, for giving me a greater appreciation for writing and what we can do with words.  I owe all of my teachers a lot, but she’s the first to have a major, specific impact on the way I saw my education.

So this is where we will begin. At Prairie High School, in Mrs. Sorrenson’s class. After a summer of slogging through the reading list I was thrust into the confusing world of annotation and analysis.

The first book on the list for the year was Fahrenheit 451. This title seems especially apt given the current political situation, especially in regards to censorship and how we distract ourselves from the horrors unfurling around the world.

This is where I make another disclaimer. I believe that writing and the act of reading are political; part of what I discuss while reading will involve politics. Our beliefs might not always align, and if you have a problem with that, this might not be a blog you want to follow. I love a good discussion, but I won’t tolerate hate here.

With that being said, check back next week for a deep dive into Fahrenheit 451!


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